needed dvd season 2


Dec 4, 2003
hi everybody,
i'm from brazil and i really need season 2, but here in brazil we can't to send money by e-mail, is a true crime. So, if anyone could make a trade with me, I could send vhs tapes material in trade, i have a lot of stuff recorded, I can send a list.
please, please, make this charity for me.
lots of love,
naty from brazil
Oct 29, 2003
Hi Naty. :oldhi:

So you need season 2 episodes?
Well, I have whole season 2 on Video CD ( you can watch it on DVD player if it can play VCDs). So if you would send me some blank cds I could copy you the episodes ( I hope nobody from AA is gonna kill me now because Im not allowed to say this here - am I allowed? :rolleyes: ). But I live in germany so the shipping could cost alot of money :(
Anyway if you are interested just PM me, okay ;)

San :)
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