Netflix 1 Month Free Preview


Code Monkey
Staff member
For those who might be interested in joining Netflix, they are offering a one month free preview.

Netflix Free Preview (expires 10/31/2008).

We have Netflix at the house and love it. As a present last year we were given a Netflix voucher for a one year subscription to the 1-disc-at-a-time plan and so far have been really happy with it. Hopefully we'll get another voucher this year but if not we are planning on renewing the plan anyway.

If you have a cable service that offers video on demand then a program like Netflix may seem like something that isn't needed but add up a few VOD movie costs versus a monthly subscription to Netflix and you can end up saving a few dollars. For those who are using satellite services (DirecTV for us) and do not have VOD as an option then Netflix is really great.

It is what I've been using to catch up on my movie watching.