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Dec 6, 2004
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On my Facebook I09 feed I found an article that I feel warrants a shout-out at CoolSciFi.

Finally, A Real Netflix For Comic Books Is Here
Rob Bricken

"online ebook service Scribd has just announced it's added a massive comics library to its service, allowing users to read all the comics they want for one monthly fee, beginning today."

"Scribd has instantly become the biggest, offering over 10,000 comics and graphic novels from Marvel, Arcana, Archie, Boom! Studios, Dynamite, IDW/Top Shelf, Kingstone, Space Goat, Top Cow, Valiant, and more."

The Article said:
Is this part of Scribd's normal ebook subscription, or is it separate?

Julie Haddon: Comics and graphic novels are joining our existing subscription service. For just $8.99 a month, Scribd members will have unlimited access to all of our … comic books and graphic novels, in addition to the one million existing premium e-books and audiobooks in our library.
Is there any limit to how many comics one can read per month?

Haddon: There is no limit whatsoever.
How will people be reading these comic online? Will they be offered as single issues, or collections, or what?

Haddon: Most titles will be offered as collections, which our publishers will regularly update with new issues and volumes as they're released. We also have a large collection of stand-alone graphic novels. One feature we're excited about is what we're calling the "binge button," which allows readers to advance to the next issue or volume in a series without having to leave the reading experience to search for the next installment.
Over the years I have collected a multitude of online comics. The search for them is fraught with segments and incompletes often having limited panels and monetary restrictions on expansions. This service may be the beginning of a new mechanism to revitalize Comic Book interests.
Oct 27, 2016
I hope so. I'd love to see comic book creators and retailers do more with digital media, not just in terms of selling comics digitally iTunes-style (which they've been doing for a long time), but implementing the Internet to sell comics to people in different ways.


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Jan 21, 2013
Tom surprisingly in Brisbane here we have five comic book stores, three more than Sydney, think I've landed on planet of the geeks :geek:

Oops forgot to mention I'm checking out the online option, would be great to spend whole weekends going through issues of Eerie etc


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Mar 20, 2004
Have you guys tried reading comics on a tablet before? If so, what tablet? I've tried readers like DC's and Marvel's in the past but was continuously having to scroll around to read single pages.

Maybe I just need a bigger tablet? :whistle:


Dec 2, 2016
I also prefer bigger screen. Because it looks clear and visible onto the big screen on the otherhand by using small screen isn't possible.


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Jul 20, 2017
Cool write up, we have a few comic book stores round' here. There is a very large building this one feller' owns and he is very pushy, if I'm shopping with friends relatives or the like, I like to take my time. The owner of this store will hover around like a Hughes 500 d copter and keep an eye on you like Sauron, LOL! I think I said earlier that he had tons of security cameras around the store. And in another area he has a extremely large board game area with some really unsavory characters hanging out. I bet he was burned in the past. I figure the more one frequent a store, the more the manager will "trust" you.....
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