Never Use SP2 It make your computer So Slow

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Well Today i just install the SP2 and it make my computer soo slow . :mad: i have to format my computer all over again .

dose anyone try to install SP25 and it work fine with him ?



Thankyou very much sir.. for all this link .. i just format my computer and i install all the security patch from micrsoft iwill check this link and see because right know it ask me to upgrade to SP2 again and me i just ignore it i dont need to get the same problem .. so let me check that link and see how it work ..

but dose anyone have the same problem when they install the SP2 :)


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at one point a poll i saw across numerous media sites suggested 95% of those who went SP2 had reformatted and only installed SP1 again, with a good software firewall like Sygate in place.

i've taken a gamble this time, not putting SP2 on, but allowing a lot of critical updates onto my machine, luckily my windows hasn't collapsed yet.

anyone finding their windows has died wants to remove all programs they dont need, codecs, then defragment their registry and see if that helps out, unlikely though


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If you do go with SP2 then I'd suggest turning off the XP firewall and using your own; personally I like ZoneAlarm but just about any 3rd party firewall is more intuitive than the Microsoft one. Remember, Microsoft once positioned their firewall to be just the foundation that 3rd party software vendors would build upon but that never really took place.

For browsing IE in SP2 includes a new pop-up blocker and some other toys in both IE and Outlook Express. If you skip SP2 then I'd suggest switching browsers to FireFox to take advantage of it's built-in pop-up blocker rather than installing an IE add-on to do the job.

Also be sure to install some spyware detection utilities. On all of my machines I do an occassional manual scan with AdAware and I also have the free MS AntiSpyWare application installed as well. The new MS app' is actually pretty good but, then again, they didn't write it -- it was acquired from a company named Giant that they bought. ;)


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Currently reinstalling sp2 right now. I forgot how long this takes!
Hope I don't get a bad install. OptimizeXP says spyware will cause the install to fail.
I think I'm klean.