Season 5 new ad for return aired tonight!

I KNOW!!!!!!!!!! :woot:

I was on Alias joke, and I read that there was a promo during GH, and as soon as I read it, I was complaining that I didn't read it, and i looked up, and there was the promo!!!!!!!!


The Dark Phoenix
haahaha me too!!! i literally jumped up!! i shouldn't do that when i'm holding a baby :LOL: she puked all over me :blink: but it was ALIASSSSS!!!! lol

it was really fast though, i couldn't catch most of the new scenes... hopefully they'll get a better one soon :P but who knows... it is ABC afterall
arf !! i'm not living in the US... (n) i can't wait !!
i've looked over the net and tried to find the promo but nothing !! :unsure:
can anyone PM me if you know where i can find it ?? that would be awesome !! :woot:
OMG I almost died when I saw it. The red wig was like the first thing I saw, and automatically I was on my feet. I think I actually almost got sick (my two friends were making fun of me becaue of that, lol :P ). OO it's got me in the mood. CAN'T WAIT TILL APRIL. 19 (AHHHHHHHHHHH)

~Andrea :angelic:


Is this still not up anywhere? I have it in very poor quality (I held my camera phone up to the TV). But still I have it and it's better than nothing if people want it.


would you do that for us? Like you said, it's better than nothing. :) I would love it :D
And as far as i know it wasn't uploaded yet.
thanks :)


Okay, so here is the file. It is in a funky file format (.3GP) so it hasn't worked for everyone. I can open it fine with the newest version of Quick Time Movie Player. I am also trying to upload it as an AVI file but that is taking a long time. So try this first: hXXp:// (replace the XX's with tt's)

Let me know if it works or not.