Announcements New Anti-Spam Tools In Place


Code Monkey
Staff member
This weekend we have implemented some anti-spam tools to cut down on the number of accounts being created by automated bots & human spammers. These tools are a little different from what has been place already.

The tools in place before relied upon checking what was being posted to the forums. It did not take into account Private Messages (PM) and Visitor Messages nor, to be frank, was it that reliable.

The new tools come into play during the registration process and checks the user's IP address, name, and email address against a shared listing of reported spammers and blocks the user from even creating an account let alone from posting in the forums. This method is very aggressive.

So far nobody has reported any 'false positives' when registering but we'll keep monitoring the situation to see how it goes. Just be sure to let us know if you run into any problems!