New approach to getting published?

I recently managed to get signed up with an agent who is now promoting the sequel to my first book "Out of Time" Out Of Time (9781425959951): Patrick G. Cox: Books to publishers in the US. As a part of that promotion, they have set up a web page devoted to it. Try this link - - and let me know what you think! "The enemy is within!" explores a number of issues of interest to today as well as a possible future world.

For some reason my virus checker is interfering with the insertion applet for links. I aplogise to anyone who has to "cut and paste" as a result. I shall look forward to hearing your comments! :smiley:
There's a big thing recently with using sites like youtube and small crafted videos with book cover and associated imagery based on the story, plus text moving across the screen as advertising. Have you noticed that form of advertising being used about?

Here is one where a company is advertising a womans novel. I know her from Livejournal. There are a growing number of these appearing from advertising/publishing companies.
That is a great way to get the message out about a book. Now all I have to do is find someone with the techno-skills to produce one for my books and stories ....