New art project (Picture on million)


This is the first creative project involving an exceedingly great number of people in the world. The uniqueness and originality of the project consists in that up to this moment, there has never been a single work of art created by hundreds of thousands of people. Just imagine yourself to be a co-author of the most unique and original work of art in the world; you will make it into history as the most extraordinary artist! The essence of the project is painting an electronic picture consisting of 1000000 dots through joint effort of our visitors. Every dot that is put may be of any color of the chosen pallet. It is only the dots that he/she has put himself/herself that each of the artists sees in color; the rest of the dots are in black. Until the end of the project, none of the participants will know what kind of masterpiece will come out. When the picture is finished, we will put it up to auction and the proceeds will be used for charity. In addition, (at each of our artists’ will) we will make up a list of creators of this original, unique work of art in the whole history of mankind.

We are kinda serious site and being so we are supposed to have a serious comunity which is able to think in the right way and decide what kind of picture to draw. An end result to nobody is known . It is "wave" of thousand moods of people. Such project nobody did.