New Doctor Who and the Big Bad Wolf


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Who is the Big Bad Wolf? hmm, can it be the Doctor himself perhaps? work it out for yourselves and check out these subtle references so far in the new series -

Episode One ... just after the tardis is revealed the doctor says" yes thats my ship"..the camera pans to the nestene and you can hear him grunt out the words ..bad wolf

Episode Two ... Just after the Steward has been fried - the camera pans across the room in which all the guests are assembled as we hear the Moxx of Balhoon clearly saying "... Definately the Bad Wolf Scenario"

Episode Three ... The Maid whilst reading Rose's Mind in the Kitchen says "You've seen everything .. The Big Bad Wolf"

Episode Four ... Kid spray paints up the side of the TARDIS "Bad Wolf"

Episode Five ... This one escaped any 'Direct' mention of it - However, the US Newsreader was called "Mal Loup", which just happens to be French for .. yes, "Bad Wolf"

Episode Six ... the helo call sign was.....yep...bad wolf

Episode 12 is entitled : Bad Wolf

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Darn.... now you're going to make me watch all of the episodes to see what the Bad Wolf thing is about. :P


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i forget, but it was definitely mentioned, i remember hearing it and laughing.

okay, heres my ideas on it :

i believe that the main actor knew before he was taken on that he would only be doing the first series. that with the advertising, websites and collateral setup by the BBC themselves, we are going to see a huge twist in the storyline for a modern audience.
i believe that eccleston saying he was quiting after one series, so soon into the show, was to purely confusion us and make the twist hit so hard it'll cause the scifi forums to go into overload.

and the twist........................................

do i have a conspiracy theory for you!!!!

come on! theres no logical assumptions, let alone wild guesses being made as to how this series is going to pan out in the grand scheme of things!!!

i posted the same data in a similar thread on an 'alternative' board, emu's, ska, pierced, tattoed and dyed and one of the admin there got it (i suppose in that environment they are all about image and character, so they saw the picture in the collage!)

so, start posting some conspiracy theories. think conspiracies engineered by the BBC themselves. i've given you all the collateral clues i've got, you simply have to take what you've seen in the episodes this series so far and post something astounding!

maybe this will help?????