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New Old Enterprise Is Not the Real McCoy, Still Gives Star Trek Fans Stiffies

The rumoured new old Enterprise is not the real McCoy (good, because that will keep the surprise.) It's the work of CG artist Gabriel Köerner, who is the author of the video above and the gallery after the jump. However, they may not be far from the truth according to the new Star Trek's co-writer and executive producer:
According to Roberto Orci, writing in the Trekmovie forums where the story was debunked, "they [Köerner renderings] are quite beautiful. A lot of nice work. You just can't deny the shape of the ship, which is so great — so elegant. Can't wait to show show you ours. With flames".
We can't wait either. Specially if Jimmy's warpster comes with sprayed flames. Here's a gallery of Gabriel's work on the ship:

I think it looks fantastic - just the right mix of the traditional shape with the added detail expected on a huge futuristic spaceship.

If the real one is even better then we're in for something special.
Plot Details

New Star Trek Movie Plot Details

Some significant plot information regarding the new Star Trek movie has come our way. If you read Screen Rant regularly, you'll recall that back in October we stated that there would be Klingons in the new film. This was supposedly debunked by other sites, but lo and behold, a few days ago a slip of the lip by Anton Yelchin who plays Chekov in the Star Trek 11 apparently confirmed that Klingons will indeed appear in the film.
Well now we've come across some new information about the plot regarding the USS Enterprise, the timeline aspect of the film, and a whopper of a plot spoiler that's so huge that I have decided not to reveal it.
Before I go on I want to say that I know we're all hungry for information on Star Trek (as well as other sci-fi and fantasy movies), but I think that sometimes we can tend to get carried away and end up taking away some of the joy of seeing a movie for the first time by knowing too much about it when we finally sit down to watch it.

Personally, that makes it hard to cover movie news sometimes because while I want to pass on what I know about a particular movie, sometimes I avoid reading a story because I myself don't want to see a spoiler.
So... while I'll share some of what I know, I'm going to hold some things back (and don't email me asking what they were because I won't tell you).
However, if you want to read some minor spoilers, feel free to read on. If you DON'T want any more story details, stop reading now.

The story does not just involve time travel. It actually explores alternate timelines, and jumps between them quite a bit.
While from what we've seen so far it seems like they're being very faithful to the original Enterprise design, in an alternate timeline there will be a significantly different version of the NCC-1701. From what I've been told it will be a very kick-*** version - essentially an all-out warship.
Some of the film will also take place in the time of Star Trek: The Next Generation, although I won't say at what point in the film.
Star Trek opens on Christmas Day 2008.
alternate time lines... with any one besides JJ I'd say that would suck but with him at the helm... it might work... lol
alternate time lines... with any one besides JJ I'd say that would suck but with him at the helm... it might work... lol
An alternate time line is really a slick method of introducing a revised TOS history while keeping the die-hard fans happy in regards to what is canon or not. If done right, the new movie could attract a new generation of fans to Trek while keeping the old fans happy.

Of course, as we've seen with the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, there'll be some original fans who'll never be happy.
I totally agree with what Kevin said. It's definitely their way of messing around with that which is cannon, while (hopefully) keeping the hardcore appeased. I'm kind of hardcore, but I have faith in the creative team. And it's certainly can't be worse than the "Shatnerverse". (Though I do think Bill is great.)
As 'Yesterday's Entreprise' was one of my favourite TNG episodes, Ii think there's a lot of potential for this being something great.

Although with all the negative comment I've been reading about Cloverfield I also hope JJ knows what he's doing.

Only time will tell - In this time line, anyway. I've never understood the ease with which the Enterprise could move between parallel unerverses or through time and yet it wasn't something anyone else seemed to do much.

I imagined that, once it was proven possible, after a few years R&D they'd perfect the technique and it would be commonplace. But that would spoil a lot of plotlines.

Perhaps there's an alternate reality where he's already released the movie ???

Ah Nurse Quick.....My medication!!!
I also think Yesterday's Enterprise was one of the best episodes on TNG, and I'd hope that they'd handle any kind of alternate universe/crossover in a similliar fashion.

I'm not so worried that J.J. is at the helm, despite all the awful things I've heard about Cloverfield, since he didn't direct it, and I'm prrrty sure he didn't write it either.

I'm also not sure that other ships haven't made the jump to alternate universes/the past/the future, it's just that the show is based around the Enterprise (mostly), so it's their story. (Case in point, TNG episode Cause and Effect, ends with the Bozeman being in the 23rd century.)
But that begs the question - If they can time travel so easily, why not just warn the past about all the bad events that are upcoming so you will have been ready
for the bad events (forewarned is forearmed - an old Klingon proverb, its gutteral visciousness gets a bit lost in translation).

As a 'for instance' - Why if Janeway could travel back at the end of the series, to help the Voyager against the Borg, didn't she just travel back and warn them not to get thrown to the Delta Quadrant in the first place?

Oops, there goes the whole series.....

Note to self, don't post on forums when drunk.
I'll answer the easy question first, in a two-part manner. Future Janeway choose the moment she thought would have the best chance, due to the Borg Transwarp Nexus. My thoughts are that she felt like she wouldn't have any sucess talking her younger self from destroying the Caretaker Array, but using the Transwarp Nexus might have been something she thought she could talk her younger self into.

The real consequence of this I think has never been addressed is that Voyager returned to Earth with future technology, thus creating a bit of a paradox, seeing as how older Janeway would never have to go to the past now. I think this is kind of explained by the drug that she got from the Doctor being able to keep you from being destroyed when your timeline is undone. This still doesn't change the fact that Starfleet is now in control of future weapon and propulsion technologies. (Probably in Section 31's hands.)

All the rest, I just think you have to look as being a mobius loop in linear time. Or sloppy writing, take your pick.
In the DS9 series the humans from the 'mirror mirror' universe had figured out how to beam themsevles at will between the two, presumably having worked on it after it happened by accident in the original series.

The Borg used time travel in "first contact"
You have to wonder why they didn't just try it a second time...
I think there comes a point where you have to cut the writers some slack and try to suspend your disbelief for the duration of a plot.

Otherwise you can give yourself headaches with too many questions.

However, after asking the audience to follow their ideas, the writers mustn't go so far as to treat the audience as idiots. There has to be an underlying sense of believability about a story or people will laugh and/or swear at them.

I guess in Sci-Fi it can be like walking a thin line.......

Timeline stories are a particular minefield... What do you all think.... ???
We are all different people from when the old series' aired. Our memories will have changed, blurring the details. I think that we have to approach watching the new film from a point of view of today or risk going in with predetermined views.