New free game release from NASA: NetworKing


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NASA - NetworKing


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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) Program is responsible for providing communications and navigation services to space flight missions located throughout the solar system. Astronauts, mission controllers, and scientists depend upon the reliable transmission of information between Earth and spacecraft in low Earth orbit (LEO) or deep space.
As a new Network Manager, your job will be to build and upgrade a complex communications network in order to support scientific missions.

  • Build the Near Earth Network. Enable periodic communication with satellites in low Earth orbit.
  • Build the Space Network Deploy a constellation of geosynchronous relay satellites to support LEO missions that require continuous coverage.
  • Build the Deep Space Network. Support interplanetary spacecraft missions with powerful antennas.
  • Manage and Improve Your Networks Manage your network usage, deal with disasters, and research upgrades to enhance your networks' capabilities.
  • Support NASA Missions. Advance your networks to unlock special NASA missions that show the networks in action.