New ‘Lego Batman’ Screenshots, Video Hit The Web


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New ‘Lego Batman’ Screenshots, Video Hit The Web

MTV Splash Page said:
The fine folks over at i09 have got their hands on a bevy — yes, a bevy – of “Lego Batman” screenshots and a video showing off what’s most likely the opening video to the game. In addition to all of that, they also have some super-cool images of the various vehicles driven by the characters, including Catwoman’s Cat-bike, a Joker-themed helicopter and delivery van (most likely for delivering various types of horribleness), and even some dangerously cute lil’ contraptions driven by the megalomaniacal Mr. Freeze and murderer-for-hire, Killer Croc.

Just to remind all of you fans of Danish building block toys and the Caped Crusader, the game will be based in the comic book continuity rather than the lore established in “The Dark Knight,” and there has been talk that there could also be a “Lego Batman”-inspired animated series sometime in the near future. Look for “Lego Batman” in stores next week on all of the major video game platforms.

After the jump, we show you one of our personal favorite screenshots of that adorable homicidal psycho, The Joker…

(Via MTV Splash Page)