Announcements New "My Stuff" Menu Option


Code Monkey
Staff member
For community members who are logged in, you can now quickly find all of your 'stuff' under the new "My Stuff" menu option! :cool:

Not only can you use this for quickly finding your own stuff but now you have a quick & easy way of finding the URL to give to your friends. Want to show off your images to your friends? Just click on "My Stuff" and then "My Gallery" and copy & paste the URL to your friends. The same for your Blog entries, your Links, and even the threads that you are taking part in.


Do you find yourself looking for other stuff? Well, just let us know what else you're trying to find and we'll add it to the menu!
A new option was added to the My Stuff menu. :smiley:

Selecting "My Profile" will show you your own personal public profile. This is what everybody else sees when they click on your name to view your profile.

To change anything that is displayed, select "My Account" to change your account options.

Right now the public profiles are on the plain side but the next vBulletin upgrade will bring a lot of changes to them.
way better than i thought. this is my A-NUMBER ONE WEBSITE!!!!!!!!

if life could only be this easy.

thanks again coolscifi. your aces.