New Original Scifi Web-series


The Unknown is an original scifi web-series that is based in the near future. It follows Elliot as he wakes up, having no recollection of who he is or why he's in an abandoned town.

The only remnant of his previous existence is a security card for a company he knows nothing about and a photo of a wife and child he does not remember having.

As he explores the town he find himself violently pursued by a group that call themselves The Guardians who attempt to drag everyone into an area known only as Zone A.

Elliot knows nothing of why this is happening, only that his only hope of survival is to join others like him who are on the run and seeking the truth.

The Unknown is made by scifi fans, for scifi fans.

But we need fellow scifi fans help to make this dream a reality.

Please check the link and tell your friends. The more people that know about us the better!

The Unknown