Announcements New "Our Community" Menu Option


Code Monkey
Staff member
Today seems to be the day for menu updates. ;)

In addition to "My Profile" being added to the "My Stuff" menu, there is also now a new "Our Community" menu.

This new drop down menu replaces the "Home / Forums / Gallery / Links" menu options that were there previously. We are simply running out of room on the various menus and needed a way of adding new items quickly.

Those of you on larger monitors at higher resolutions likely never even noticed the menu being crammed but a good number of our community members are still using 1024x768 and even 800x600! :eek: For those members the crammed menu would have only gotten worse if I added more options in there.

The new "Our Community" menu will be the menu links for the major portions of the site (Forums, Gallery, Blogs, Links) and can continue to grow as we add new sections to the site. It also eliminates having duplicate 'one click' menu options at the top of each page.

For now please let me know if you do not like the new drop-down menu. Except for the Blogs menu, all of the links are also available in the snazzy graphics menu at the very top of the page (Home, Control Panel, and Contact Us in the top right corner and then Home/Forums, Gallery, Links, FAQ, and Logout are in the menu below the Cool Sci-Fi logo banner).