Space New pics showing evidence of moonlanding from Moons orbit (taken 2009)


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New Images Offer Sharper View of Apollo Sites

Skimming the Moon | Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera

from BBC science articleNasa’s Lunar Reconnaisance Orbiter (LRO) has taken new photographs of the surface that clearly show astronaut footprints, the lunar rover and spacecraft scorch marks.

The LRO produced stunning photographs of the lunar surface in 2009 from an altitude of 31 miles. Now it’s made another pass from just 13 miles high to produce a set with even more clarity.

Nasa research scientist Noah Petro describes them as quite simply the best ever.

He said: ‘We have some of the most stunning images of the lunar surface that I’ve ever seen.

‘At the Apollo 17 Lunar rover landing site we can see where the lunar rover is parked on the surface.

'We can see where it drove around the lunar module, you can see the areas where the astronauts kicked up the dust when they walked around.’








Starbeast from Planet X

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As usual, it's difficult to make out anything clear in NASA photos, I can only see dots and spots. Even after I expand the pictures (X400), I can't really make-out what is there. It's ok, it's only space junk anyway.