New Sci-Fi/Action Movie

Aug 11, 2008
Hi All,My name is Michael DeRuchie from Commodity Films.
My company is assisting with the distribution of the new movie "UnEarthed", a thriller in which an idealistic archeologist digs up the remains of what she thinks is an ancient Indian burial ground on a undeveloped housing site in Tampa, Florida. However, not everybody wants her on the site as problems escalate and she is forced to leave by both a murder on the dig site and a restraining order. The movie evolves into a race against time to get back the impounded artifacts as murder evidence bringing unearthly consequences on everyone. History, Suspense, and Mystery weave together to form a movie that gets inside your head and stays there for days afterward. Please go here and view the trailer and leave some feedback for our distributors, we appreciate your time


An Old Friend
Dec 6, 2004
Gulf Coast