Sci-Fi New Sci-Fi novel "Beyond Soylent Green 2050" launches with five star reviews from critics.


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The short looks interesting; from the description on the Amazon page it kind of made me think of the US as depicted in the Atlas Shrugged. I've sent the preview to my Fire tablet to check out. :smiley:
New sci-fi novel "Beyond Soylent Green 2050" launches with five, five star editorial reviews. Predicting the future in stark terms, critics comment, “This is a great book, the narration, sharp, witty, powerful; the prose captivating, surreal brilliance, prophetic, frighteningly possible; every American should read it.” Find here on Amazon: Beyond Soylent Green 2050 - Kindle edition by Michael D'Agostino, Danny D'Agostino. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @
well I'm not American so that leaves me out.