New scifi novel series- soulline: Return of the gods

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Hello People of Sci-Fi!
This post is here to talk about the epic new Sci-Fi thriller written by LRBatchford & David Du Hempsey.

This epic Sci-Fi tale due out April-March and is set to take over the baton from past greats such as StarWars & StarTrek in the next generation of big Sci-Fi hits!

The soon to be modern great contains a truly stunning story line, packaged with tons of favoured content like; Universal Wars, Bio-Technology , Apocalypse, NWO, Secret Society Influence, Bio-Weaponry, Conspiracies, RageVirusZOMBIES, HumanEvolution, Telekinesis, KiEnergy, Pyramids, Bible Connections, Fear Control, Cosmic Planets, DoomsDayPreppers, SpaceTravel. AND MANY MORE! Beautifully blended into into a truly magnificent SciFi tale with its own iconic never before seen style.

Many acclaimed 'Next big SciFi' have failed to hit the heights previously set, but SoulLine is set to change this with its unique style to engulf the imagination of the Sci-Fi fan!

The first book (Soulline; Return of the Gods.) of the predicted four book series containing a stunning prequel is set to be out within the next few months.

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QUESTION- Can anything be as good as the previous iconic Sci-Fi series? YES or NO & WHY?

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Authors of Soulline.