New series coming out called Divergence


There is a cool new series that is going to be coming out called "Divergence". I am not sure if anyone remembers Daniel Southworth from Power Rangers Time Force. He played the role of Eric. He is going to be the new series called Divergence. The trailer looks amazing. The TV series is sci fi/action series. You can find out more about Divergence on Facebook.


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First look:
I loved Power Rangers Time Force. I got to meet Dan and he is definitely nothing like his character of Eric on there. Thanks for the information about the new series :smiley:
The first episode of Divergence is out it is called "My Condition"

Thank you for the update! I am glad that they are going to come out once a week now [although I've a feeling I'm going to be clock-watching for them on Mondays]. I enjoyed this episode!! Did anyone else like it?