New series of Dr Who

After watching it's premire tonight, I must say I'm highly impressed.

Everything about it was just so cool, an excellent start to the new series!

Did anybody else watch it? If so, what did you think of it?
being a BBC program, it's going to take a bit of time to export. look at how long it took to export The Office, then you guys in hte US went and came out with your own version!!!! wonder if that is working to effect like the UK version does?

what everyone reviewing the new Doctor Who has to take into account is the show is kids programming, not really for hardcore scifi adults. the sets are better nowadays,, the shocks aren't as effective now we are grown up (although i just watched a 32 year old grown woman jump when the arm grabbed the doctor from behind the sofa in Rose' flat (almost breaking my mothers expensive dinner plate that was sat in her lap!)

Chris Eccleston isn't Tom Baker, but i think he will make a great addition to the series of Doctors with his lanky screen presence and fluid facial expressions centring around his eyes bringing the intensity of the characters life experience to the fore
Last time I checked, the BBC where in talks about showings in the States - it will, sadly be some time though :(

As for Christopher being Tom Baker, I'm sure no-one expects him too. I think the reason why all the Doctor's were chosen was because they were different from their predecessors yet somehow remained the same (if that makes sense!).

At first, I was a bit unsure of Christopher being cast - what with all previous Doctor's having a neutral accent. But I am very impressed so far! Roll on next week!