New Star gate movie??

I thiink that they should make a new star gate sg-1 movie that takes place at the end of the new series with the entire sg-1 team being acidentaly put in to cryo stasis and have them wake up in the futre and save the world what do u think?????


Code Monkey
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I wouldn't mind seeing a new SG movie with the cast from the series but I think a continuation of the current timeline would better than a plot line that would go against the series. By having plot lines like the crew going into cryo-stasis then that would mean the end of the series and by trying to convey a plot that this is a future series of events then that may lead to continuity problems with the series.

When the new season starts in a few months I think we'll be seeing a lot more action oriented shows because of the cast changes.


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SG Atlantis already has a similarly themed storyline.

team go through a one way gate (for all normal purposes) and have to survive in a whole new environment and with new species, allies and enemies alike.

admittedly the gate is now being opened for two way transport, replacements coming in, but the universe they interact with in the Pegasus Galaxy might as well be in a different time zone (you still see humans speaking english everywhere they go, lol!)

as for making movies, theres no need. the level of production on the tv series alone beats most movies hands down. start persuading them to make movies and the series will end up getting hurt! plus the fan base isn't right for a movie release. it would be limited and wouldn't make the money back. whilst the SG series' are very popular, even bringing over more people into the world of scifi, i simply don't think movies would be finacially viable