New to the family


Hi everyone,

just a quick intro......

needless to say i'm a BIG fan, but as i don't have sky i always have to wait for the box dvd sets to come out, so having just bought sesason 4 and watched it all in four nights i've now joined my only alias group :rolleyes:

and can i just say a big WOW to season four- ok ok something i know you've all probley talked about before (so please excuss my lateness and re-hassing of old topics) but OH MY GOD i cant belve i'm gonna have to wait till season five is all aired before i can even think about seeing any of it!!!!

Sorry just had to ramble....i'm all better know it's out of my system... tee hee

were was i .... oh yeh stuff about me....

i'm in my late 20's female and a hugh sci-fi fan, i travel to america a each year to meet up with other sci-fi fans- so it's fair to say i LOVE meeting new people

I work full time but on shift parterns so i'm generaly on-line at srtange times of the night/early morning

Like i said i love meeting new people so as long as you don't mind my bad spelling (something i'll do a lot- but thats just me) reply and ask me stuff- i'm happy to be asked absolutly ANYTHING..... wether i reply or not is a different matter tee hee :LOL:

Zee :woot:


Hi.... I am new too.

What event(s) do you come to the US for? I go to a lot of Horror/SciFi conventions in the NY area, wasn't sure if maybe you go to any of those?