New Year's Party

2nd post of 2003!

Read the fanfic "Kate Jones and the Last Rambaldi Device" It's in Romance. In there will be things that you would have NEVER EVER imagined! I had so many emotions while reading it and they were NOT sad ones.

One spoiler: Sark gets dog poo on his face. lol!
My day is going good here, watched the Wolfpack beat the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and it's just a really warm nice day here. I have to get going now, see you all later!
I had a pretty good day. I went to Houston with some of my friends, did some shopping, played hockey at an ice rink, and ate my fav. food, (sushi), at this cool Japanese restaurant. Fun, fun, fun! :smiley:
SydneyRox said:
Ditto. :smiley: :smiley:  

And alias8000, are you Filipino too? Marunong ka bang magsalita nang Tagalog?
Actually I'm half Filipino. My dad is American and my mom is Filipino.

I only undestood one word that you said in Tagalog. It was Tagalog. I don't know if these words in Tagalog are spelled right but I'll try my best! My lola's food was sarap! :D

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