Newbie here

Greetings all,
Im new to this forum, well new to forums...would be nice if people showed me how to do things on here.
Im also looking to learn more about science fiction as my knowledge on it is not very good. So feel free to msg me anytime.


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Hi toclofane. Welcome the community.

The forums are powered by vBulletin software, most of the postings follow basic netiquette and we're a family friendly forum. The basic rules are in the FAQ and the agreement you just signed to join the community. We cover everything science fact and science fiction and listen to everyones thoughts on developing entertainment and lifestyles.

Have fun.

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Good morning Toclofane,

nice to meet you, just take your time exploring the site. The best thing about getting into sci-fi for the first time is that there are tons of movies, tv shows and books to read about it. If you need suggestions as to what to see, just tell us what types of movies you like and we can make some recommendations for you.


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Welcome Doctor Who follower to Sci-Fi Forums. Look around and you shall quickly see how others respond here. Kick back and Enjoy and let us know of your special sci-fi likes.