Newly arrived on your world




Hello there, and welcome to my world, this small space is mine!

I have the POWER to write words and that's what I'm doing here. (It's been a long day and I need to let off steam).

I'm here to introduce myself and tell you a little about why. That's because I have a short story to give away, a story inspired by Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" and offering a new interpretation of the world and events of Middle Earth, and what cam afterwards.

I'm a British writer/innovator/producer and wrote this little story "Dragon's Vale" for everyone's enjoyment.

I'm not exactly sure about the posting rules around here, but if permitted I will post a link where you can leave your e-mail for me to send you a copy.

Hoe you enjoy it all and look forward to developing my interest in the forum further as my work progresses.

Cheerio for now.


Many thanks, and I hope you all enjoy the story, I'm trying to finish the packaging of the story this weekend (adding a couple of articles on environmental initiatives then converting it to a compact pdf).

Catch you all later.