NFL 2004-2005 Season

So I'm thinking maybe we should have a little somethin' somethin' riding on this game. Perhaps a customized AV for the losing team? 🐟 (another smilie I find amusing...)
That could work, but I don't know how to make them, so we'll have to find something else.

I know! Something in our sigs, how's that? Like a "Go Eagles" or "Go Packers" in the opposing teams sig.

I remember during the 2001 NBA Finals, Gov Ridge of PA and Gov. Davis of CA had a bet that each would put up an ad for the state that won on the opposing state's webpage. So since the Lakers won (grr), Ridge put up a California ad on the Pennsylvania website.
Amanda, you're on!

Right on Holi!! (y)

Philly's going to finally go to the Super Bowl, oh yeah and we're going to win the Kentucky Derby a second year in a row too with Rocky ;)
There's lots of stuff going on at work and them I'm playing in lots of stuff so lately I've had at least two rehearsals a night. But the show I'm playing in opens tonight so the end is near!


Caution: Beware of Male
Eagles have beaten only two teams with winning records. ;)

If Dallas doesnt' make the playoffs then I'll be cheering on the Packers. I enjoy seeing Brett Favre play.