Night Watch


Super Fantastisch
Yeah that's what I was thinking when I saw the title, too...

Check the trailer, here. It is absolutely STUNNING. Looks amazing.
The beginning freaked me out, with the little kid looking out the peephole in the door and the girl jumping out.

It definitely looks "epic". It reminds me of the "Blade" trinity a little bit too. Can't wait!


"Night watch" is a very good Russian Sci-Fi / Fantasy movie, which is in theaters now ("Lord of the Rings" meets "Prophecy"). Did anyone see it? The movie been out on DVD for some time, but since Fox bought all American distribution rights, they have mandated to stop making NTSC formatted dvds of it. The disk has been slowly disappearing from even Russian stores in America. And Fox kept postponing the release until recent limited release, while sequel "Day Watch" is already out in Russia on pal dvd (without subs only). Both installments beat American movies in Russia. And the studio is insisting on filming the 3rd part in English. Ain't US movie studios wonderful :rolleyes: