Night Whispers

amy lynn

The Polish Pirate
Mar 23, 2004
Night Whispers
Author: Amy
Disclaimer: *looks at self* Nope, not JJ. So, I don’t own them.
Rating: R for suggestive-ness
Summary: Just an encounter between Sydney and Sark. My mind went into overdrive a little bit while writing something sans-smut.

The thin strap of her white sundress slips down her tanned shoulder, a tantalizing movement.

The hot summer sun beats down on her as she rides, Mercedes convertible, black, with the top down.

She smiles, a secret curving of lips just for him.

His face remains impassive. But they both know that he desires her.

His right hand leaves the gear shift for a moment to trace the skin under the strap, and return the errant slip of cotton to its place.

They both know it will fall again.

The smile leaves her lips as she looks out, the wind making her hair fly.

He continues to drive in silence.

- - -

They reach their destination after the sun has set and a midnight blue night has fallen upon them.

The room is plush carpet, dark, seductive.

Her strap has fallen again.

He leans down and places a hot kiss on her shoulder, then lifts the strap back into place.

She laughs softly.

His other hand goes to the zipper of her dress, and it slides down her body.

She turns to face him, slowly unbuttoning his shirt.

She leans in and gently takes his nipple between her teeth, applies more pressure, then pulls back.

His grip on her arms tightens.

There are no words spoken as he backs her against the wall, his hot mouth warming hers.

His fingers tease, then his tongue. Her muscles tighten, and release comes with a whimper.

She pushes him across the room, slowly, to the bed.

His pants are shed, along with her thin cotton undergarments.

It is her turn to tease with hot breath and slick tongue.

When the torture become too much, she slides down, hot and ready.

He lifts, she arches.

A hot breath of air, another whimper, and then the room is quiet.

She slides down under the sheets.

They sleep.

- - -

Later, lying naked in bed, he hears her quiet tears.

His hands stroke her gently and her body quiets down. The fear evaporates from her skin.

She rolls over and faces him as their mouths come together once again.

Tomorrow they must go back to being an agent and an assassin.

But tonight, he is hers and she is his.


Super Fantastisch
Mar 22, 2004
Rhode Island, USA
Sooo seductively sweet, Aims. Beautiful writing throughout, and the ending is perfect. I just adore the dress strap motif. ^_^ It's fics like these hat make people realize just how hot Sarkney is. :naughty: This was the perfect pick-me-up! (y)

amy lynn

The Polish Pirate
Mar 23, 2004
jobi2372: Thanks for reviewing...glad you enjoyed it! :)

Leslie: Awww, thanks Les. Sarkney is hot. (y) I realized how much I miss writing about them...and thus, this lil ficlet was born. Super-duper thrilled that you enjoyed it! :)

sexcivaughn14: Thanks for reviewing, and I'm happy that you enjoyed reading it!
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