'Nightmare' causing human skin (holocaust) story

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Over a period of 50 years the stories kept turning up, but no artifact was ever proved to be of human skin origin. Another story has popped up about a single artifact. The photo (that you can enlarge) doesn't even show the artifact itself though.

The "out there," part of this story is the associated detail that every person who has owned and spent time around this artifact has suffered nightmares and/or needed psychological care.

The lampshade that drives its owners mad: Strange truth behind 20th

Personally I can't understand why the government has not swept in and confiscated it. Maybe because it is not real? These were dark days indeed and if any of this was true, then these 'urban myths' need to be kept as occasional tales amongst adults who can cope with them, and certainly not circulated amongst children and those who couldn't cope with the truth.