Sci-Fi No Daleks in new Dr. Who?


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From the UK comes word that the Daleks may not be making an appearance in the new Dr. Who series that is being planned. Would be a shame for one of the most memorable villians from the Who universe to not be brought back.,,2-2004310362,00.html



in New York

THE Daleks hit New York yesterday as The Sun’s campaign to save them went global.

Dr Who’s arch enemy rumbled through aptly-named TIMES Square sporting a Sun hat and Cross of St George flag.

And fans in the Big Apple — where repeats of Britain’s most famous sci-fi show are still on TV — were horrified to hear that the Time Lord’s arch villain will not be in the new BBC series.

Fan Duke Morton, 47, of Jersey City, said: “How can deez guys at da BBC dump da Daleks? Dat’s ridiculous. Dey need extoiminating.”

Brad Hamilton, 37, said: “I grew up watching the Daleks. It’s hard to believe a race hellbent on galactic domination will let a few suits at a TV company stop them.”

And Liza Gonzales, 44, said: “There are fans of the Daleks all around the world. We want to see them brought back.”

Their support comes after an overwhelming 98 per cent of voters in our You The Jury poll backed the monsters’ return.


Old enemies ... Tom Baker, as Dr Who, cornered by Daleks

The Daleks have been chopped after the BBC — which wants to update the Daleks — failed to agree a deal with the family of their creator Terry Nation, who died in 1997.

Since then The Sun has been flooded with phone calls and emails. Former Dr Who props man Steve Gostelow said: “Dr Who without the Daleks is like Laurel without Hardy. It’s unthinkable.”

His son Blake, eight, added: “The Daleks are my favourites of all the baddies. I’m really disappointed and so are my friends.”

John Briggs, of Workington, Cumbria, said: “TV audiences are now used to seeing much scarier sci-fi villains on mainstream television these days, so the Daleks need to have a new scary edge.”

To join the debate, call The Sun’s Dalek Hotline on 020 7782 4105, or email