No idea

Hi Guys,

I read this book probably in the 90s, written by an American reporter whereby a European guy (can't remember if Polish or Hungarian or similar) had lost one arm but took pictures with his camera and rumour spread (because of the pictures) that he had been visited by aliens, a very simple man, he could now even talk many 'human' languages taught by the aliens although only being a simple farmer. Lots of reporters descended on his homestead but he could not offer them anything only accommodation if they also worked on his farm too to work their keep. An American journalist who was well known for debunking alien encounters (weather balloons etc) went to do the same and was previously very sceptical but was eventually converted. Basically the farmer one time disappeared from his study in the middle of the day and hours later came out of the forest despite the impossibility of being able to do so being surrounded by so many people working on his house. They would have seen something. Most important in the book that was the farmer gave this American reporter a piece of metal like tin foil, that when you screwed it up into a ball in your hand it actually opened up flat, on its own and produced a seamless piece of thin metal as though it had never been screwed up. The reporter sent it to a lab somewhere in the US but it disappeared, after tests which he informs 'had substances unknown to this planet' the US Government turned up and confiscated it...

Does anyone know the title and author of this book please, I really would like to read it again and obtain a copy :smiley: