No more Netflix DVDs!

This is surprising. I've been a Netflix customer since around the first year they opened for business(!) and currently have subscriptions for both a streaming plan and a DVD plan. Years ago it was common for family members to give me, and then later myself & my wife, Netflix subscriptions for Christmas gifts since they all knew how much I watched movies.

Even though I mostly use streaming these days I still have the DVD plan because often I could find new movie releases on DVD (or Blu-Ray) earlier than them being released to the streaming services. Plus you can find older and more esoteric movies on DVD than you can any of the streaming providers. Right now, for example, I have Ray Bradbury's Chrysalis in the X-Box ready to be played when I have time.

I guess on the positive side that'll be a few buck saved every month. Now I just need to go through my whole queue before September! :LOL:
How is that going? 💿
Slow. Very, very slow. In the old days of Netflix the mailings were fast enough to turn-around at least one or even two movies a week. That means the amount of time it took in days from me dropping off the current disc in my mailbox to be picked up by our mail carrier, returned to Netflix, Netflix ship out the next disc in the queue, and for it to arrive at my house. A good week meant turning around two discs a week, a slower week meant at least one disc swapped. These days, with Netflix having closed a bunch of their regional warehouses in recent years, I'm lucky if I can get a new disc within two weeks! :(

It is a bit ironic that at the same time that Netflix announced that they were shutting down their disc business that they are celebrating their 25 year anniversary.