No more noisy tv adverts in UK from July 17th 2008


Creative Writer
'Too loud' TV ads to be banned by Advertising Standards Authority

Finally, after decades of auditory abuse! It appears regulatory laws covering unusually loud adverts in programming are going to disappear from our lives!

The last thing people need with kids asleep in the house is for a show to go to advert break and the tv suddenly hammer out loud music and sound! Why nothing has been done about this to date is a mystery. The fact there were only 100 complaints last year is maybe a sign that people have just got so used to being disrupted and not being able to do anything about it, finding no redress.

I look forward to quieter nights and less frights!
Its one of my main reasons for not liking commercials.
There are a few channels on my Directv that do it.
I'm a flipper - commercial comes on and I flip back to the previous channel. If its is in a commercial I mute then flip back and forth till they end.
I wonder how many viewers that certain channels lose by too loud adverts, when instead of turning the volume down they change channels, with the intention of changing back again in a few minutes, but never do!