No! Not the yellow breasted spider monkeyes!

Hey *waves* this is my second entry to the worst of the worst contest. i just love writing bad fiction, it's so easy to write felgercarb!!
summery: a sark/marshall fic
disclaimer: i don't own nofin
rating:Pg13 at most....i think lol *listens to ash snicker*

Not the Yellow Breasted Spider Monkeyes!!!!!

Sark walked up to marshall an he was talkin lotsa smack about Carrie and and u know that kinda stuff and all. So Marshall got mad at first but not really cause he loves Sark even though Sark's a little poo sometimes. So anywho, Marshall's all like "you need to not talk like that sugarpuss." and Sark's like "why the felgercarb not honey?" and Marshal was like "i don't really know" and that kinda stuff so then Marshal and Sark went back to Sark's place and had some beers and stuff. And they got real drunk you know so then they where all actin crazy and what not and Sark was yelling stuff and he was going doing saying stuff like "NO! Don't kill em! Don't kill the yeller berested spidder monkeyees!!!" and he was talkin all drunk like that and stuff you know cause Sark gets like that when he gets drunk the poor thing. So then the two of them were getting all drunk and all and then Marshall pulled out the pot and they smoked a little and then they got all nuts and stuff.It was really funny I tell you what. The two of them were drunk and high at the same time and Marshal showed Sark the tatoo he had on his butt of a big *explitive content deleated*. So they started foolin around and whatnot and then they fell asleep and had some real bad hangovers and stuff. It was real bad I'm not even kiddin. So then a little big later Marshal found out that he was gonna have a baby (he was real drunk again so i guess he really did think that mess) so he got all nuts and stuff and told Sark that he was a poo for gettin him preggers and stuff. Well Sark went all crazy but you know secretly he's real excited and stuff. So he goes out and he bought like a bunch of baby stuff like strollers and fire and killer and felgercarb like that. I don't no what the fire and killer was for, maybe he thought the baby was gonna come out a fire ant. Who knows? Anyway, so then Marshall realized he wasn't really pregnent or nothin, he was just throwin up and stuff cause he was so dang hung over. And they all lived happily ever after.

The End