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Marlene said:
I ahve no school since they are giving the Math A Regents today...and I already took it. :D
No fair! I used to go to a smaller school and we would always have January Regents Week off but now that was made into one of the elementaries and my new high school is really big so we still had school even though there were the English and Math Regents! GRRR! At least I don't have to take any of them!


i had no school today or tomorrow. however, it's not that great, because basically, i'm snowed in. there's no chance in hell my little honda accord is getting out of the driveway.


as i said yesterday, we would have school today and we did. despite all the other school districts around here being closed, 2 inches of snow, and ice.....lmao. our superintendent is a :cuss:


I need sleep
SNOW DAY!!!! 13 inches of powdery fluff! Now I'll have a chance of getting my report written! And I got to sleep in! YAY! :jump:
No school yet again. This is like the 4th day in two weeks. :) I think they cancelled it of icy roads because it's not snowing. But my mom sees this as an excuse to clean :( But atleast I finally get some time to come on here for a while!
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