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I liked some of the Dinner: Impossible shows but always found Irvine a bit... cocky, for lack of a better word... in his dealings with the other chefs on the show. In the Food Network interviews and other shows he would go on about how he did the cake for Princess Diana's wedding and was a White House chef and on, and on, and on.

Well, it seems that he was fibbing just a bit.

Fox News said:
After rising to culinary stardom preparing impossible meals on his Food Network series, Robert Irvine has met an obstacle his kitchen prowess couldn't overcome _ an embellished resume.

The star of "Dinner: Impossible" has acknowledged fabricating some of the more fantastic parts of his resume, including having cooked for Britain's Royal Family and various U.S. presidents.

Following the revelations, the network announced it would not renew Irvine's contract, though it would air the remaining episodes of the current season, the series' fourth.

"I was wrong to exaggerate in statements related to my experiences in the White House and the Royal Family," Irvine said in a written statement. "I am truly sorry for misleading people and misstating the facts."

The Food Network said it might revisit its decision at the end of this season, but for now would begin searching for a new host for the series, which challenged Irvine to cook under arduous conditions.

"We rely on the trust that our viewers have in the accuracy of the information we present, and Robert challenged that trust," the network said in a written release.

Irvine, who is from England, first acknowledged the fabrications in a Feb. 17 story in the St. Petersburg Times.
Considering that the show has on for 4 seasons, don't you think somebody would've called him on his claims before?
My mates a top chef and can't believe anyone would lie like this when they are in the public eye! He'll never live it down now.