No Women For Harry Potter (Cinematical)


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Filed under: Celebrities and Controversy , Newsstand , Sci-Fi & Fantasy Katie Leung , the young newcomer who had the seemingly tragic misfortune to be cast as Harry Potter's love interest in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire , is apparently under attack by the Potter-ite masses. (What are these people called? Harry-o- philes ? Wizard- iacs ?) Leung reports that her big breakthrough

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harry potter "mania" is just one letter short of "maniac"s, hehe

if he's really that desirable, then i wonder what a similarly looking actor of the british tv series My Family is suffering?


Character Name: Michael Harper
Occupation: still at school
Played By: Gabriel Thomson
Also seen in: Great Expectations, Enemy At The Gates.
Other Stuff: Gabriel Thomson’s acting debut came at the age of four, when he appeared in a Frosties commercial.