Season 1 Noah Hicks thoughts

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When watching this, a friend mentioned that Noah enters wearing a White Knight mask. In fact, he is clearly anvilled (new word!) into the White Knight position by the colors he wears in this episode, and the fact that he rescues damsel in distress Sydney in the Cold Room of Doom, carrying her over his manly shoulder and making sweet love to her in a dark house.

However, in the very first scene of the following episode, Snowman, he is seen in black leather – in my mind, a hint of his true identity. As we learn of the sadistic assassin Snowman, my mind leapt to the possibility that all the white in the previous episode (called Masquerade – hmmmm…) might actually not symbolize his nobility, but his actual code name. His flashy use of the butterfly knife to dissect the dead agent also hint at his true identity.

Before I go on, I should probably state that I am an inveterate Sydney/Vaughn shipper. I love their romance, and most of my view of Alias is colored by this fact. However, though my one true pairing does account for my hatred of Noah in large part, it’s not the only reason I detest Mr. Let’s-Boink-On-An-Extremely-Dangerous-Mission Hicks. What I really dislike about Noah is his lack of integrity. Both Danny and Vaughn are men of character, standing up for something greater than themselves, whether it be medicine or protecting Americans (and, of course, Sydney herself for both of them). Noah, in contrast, is totally selfish. He is afraid of commitment and working difficult issues out, wanting quick fun with his girlfriends. Instead of believing in something higher than himself and fighting for it, he looks for the easy way out – a nice tropical island. Plus, he’s slimy. Okay, so I’m irrational when someone breaks up Syd and Vaughn. I still think most of my reasons are valid.

The last thing I want to mention about Noah (for now, at least) is that he said he valued truth and was sick of all the deception being a spy entailed. But when Sydney killed him, he whispered that he wanted to shield her from his true work as an assassin. Hmm, so he likes full disclosure? Pause for irony. Pause over.

Yay! He’s dead!
Mr. Let’s-Boink-On-An-Extremely-Dangerous-Mission Hicks

:sideroll: lmao! brilliant name!

As my name suggests I too am an inveterate s/v shipper and Noah drove me insane. He didin't seem to respect her past with Danny, in fact, did he even ask? It was obvious before they 'woohoo'ed Sydney seemed a little reluctant (I recall her telling him to wait) but he just grabbed her anyway.

Also didn't like his voice... or his accent.

Oh and he attacked the Bogota guy while he was sleeping... how cowardly is that?
I personally didn't like Noah upon first being introduced to his character. He doesn't look like he'd belong with Sydney. Also by how he was talking with Sydney, I got an impression that he was full of secrets. How he was able to cut through his former partners body so easily, and not even seem the slightest dissatisfied was a little disturbing. I mean I'd imagine that doing those things for a living on more than one occasion you'd become somewhat numb to it but still.
Also, he made it seem like it was Sydney's fault for hurting him due to her not answering his email that was sent to her junk mail.. To me this sounded like a flat out lie, I feel like he knew she wouldn't have checked her junk mail, as most people don't. He is very selfish and seems to have a manipulative personality. He clearly had no respect for Sydney. I do believe that he did care about her, being that he hesitated to kill her. I don't think he would've killed her. I think his feelings about her were real but he was toxic. There was so many things wrong about the guy, he was deceitful and wasn't open with her.
I also, really love Sydney and Vaughn together. They are the perfect soulmates.