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Dec 29, 2002
Right where I am sitten
aliaschick4mv said:
Haha Ally hon, I see you share my wall addictedness. :)

I like the walls. It's a very nice style, very clean cut, and I like it. You do, of course, want to experiment, try something new (even if it sucks the first few times), but I like them.
mwhaha yes yes i do! :LOL:

haha i got the idea for the wps from the theme thing they have at the beginning of the show :LOL:

thanks yahs :D


Started out too plain, but I think it came out ok. Not enough time to work on it too much. Dang finals! :LOL:

Feb 26, 2003
East Coast
Alrighty then. Basically, I love Normal Again. I absolutely adore it. The ending made me go insane for months, and now that I know that the hospital world was NOT real (unless Joss REALLY sucks and is just going to erase the Angelverse too), I can simply enjoy one of the view episode in S6 that I loved when I first saw it, not a year later as I do with the rest of the season.

But anyhoo. here we are.

Images: (which is the Freeze Frame site for NA. I don't know how many of you know about Freeze Frame, but it's the greatest thing ever, and insanely useful. Everyone should check it out. :))
stock pic:
lyrics: Going Under, Evanescence
font: Broken 15 ala

Hope you like. I actually really like this one. It's something new, I've never done this before. :)
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