Collectibles Nostromo Crew Hat.

The only scifi item I have ever bought is a crew baseball cap from the ship 'Nostromo' from the movie 'Alien'. I bought it when the film came out so I've had it for about 32 years. And I could go and put my hand on it right now, I know exactly where it is. How sad is that?
My son owns a Super Mario Bros film jacket........ I don't think there's anything wrong with 'normal' clothing items with prints on them.

If, on the other hand, you're into buying blue makeup, stapling a tail to the ear of your trousers, wielding a light saber, and going out in public as such doing day to day things, then there may be issues :smiley:
That was a cool hat. I missed my chance to order one from an advert in a sci-fi magazine in the early 1980's, ah well. I occasionally think about that Nostromo hat. So don't feel weird Pragmatist.


As you can see by the excellent post from Starbeast the Nostromo crew hat has a very nice 'patch' sewn onto it, it's not printed on. After reading the rest of your post I certainly don't feel weird. Thank you.

Great post, that's the hat. I'll check mine out when I get home, I don't think mine's got the braid on the peak, but this guy was an engineering officer so I've probably got the 'grunt' version.

Just out of curosity how do you post these great pictures, what's the procedure?
Is not a procedure, I'm none the wiser.

Thanks all the same.

You should have access to post them here directly. When creating a new post just scroll down a bit and click on the "Manage Attachments" button and that'll allow you to upload images from your PC or from a URL.

I promise... the new software we are migrating to will be much easier to use and more intuitive for uploading images.
Is not a procedure, I'm none the wiser.

Thanks all the same.

Here's what I do.

1. Visit, and select an image after searching for what I want

2. Place cursor over image and slowly pan down, then click on the "IMG" info

3. Return here

4. Hold down the "ctrl" button and then press the letter "v"

5. Use "Preview Post" button to see if it works, then click on "Submit Reply"

6. And presto!
Many thanks, easier to use software is always a good thing.

Many thanks, that's a procedure, I'll give it a crack when I get a minute, it's 06:50 here in Perth so I'm just leaving for work.