Not Everything Is As It Seems


Jan 8, 2003
South Africa
Authors' Notes: Set three years after Danger Lurks In All Corners Of Life.Megan is now almost 6,Jen and Matt are almost 4 and the new baby Tristin Eric is 2.Jack and Irina finally are about to remarry.Bridget and Eric are now married and are expecting their second child.Will and Francie have just gotten back together.Alice was jailed but William and Sloane got away.
Summary: Sydney and Michael decide to go on a second honeymoon they leave the children with Irina and Jack.But when their plane crashes they are stranded on a desert island.Everyone thinks they are dead.So what will they do to get off?Just wait and see.
Couples:S/V,J/I,E/B and W/F
Disclaimer:None of the Alias characters belong to me they belong to JJ.
Bridget,Megan,Matt,Jen and Tristin all belong to me.

Not Everything Is As It Seems

Chapter 1

You see Sydney sitting at home with her feet up and she's reading a book.
When Michael comes out of their bedroom in only his boxers."Morning," he says.

He smiles at her and she smiles back"morning,"she says.

He sits down beside her and smiles he leans over and kisses her on the lips"happy birthday,"he says.

She smiles"thanks,"she says."I'm getting old."

He shakes his head"no you're not,"he says."You'll never be that."

She puts her book down and climbs into his lap"so whats my birthday present?"she asks.

He shakes his head"no uh you'll find out at the party,"he says.

She pouts"please,"she says.

He shakes his head and pulls her head down and they start kissing"mm,"
she says.

He smiles when he pulls back"that good huh,"he says.

She nods then they hear the door open and you see a little girl come walking through you see while she's walking you see some unpacked boxes.
"Mummy,"she says.

Sydney smiles and gets off Micahel's lap"ya Meg I'm here,"she says.

Megan came out of the shadows and you see the brown hair and the green eyes.She smiles at her mother and runs to her and Sydney bends down and picks her up."Hi baby,"she says.

"Happy Birthday,"Megan says.

Sydney smiles at her daughter"thankyou,"she says.

She sits down on the couch and Megan looks at Michael"daddy when Jen,Matt,Tristin and I give mummy her present?"she asks.

Michael smiles at his little girl"as soon as the others are awake,"he says.

She nods and snuggles in between the two of them and is smiling contentedly.A few minutes later Megan was asleep.

Sydney smiles and nudges Michael he looks down at their daughter and smiles."She looks just as peaceful as you,"he says.

Sydney blushes"go put her back in bed,"she says.

He nods and picks Megan up and takes her back to her bed Sydney looks at the house they had just moved in a week ago.

Michael came back and sat down"what's wrong?"he asks.

She shakes her head"nothing,"she says.He looks at her"okay I was just thinking how amazing it is here we are married,we have four kids I didn't think all those years ago that I would have this."

He nods"I know,"he says.

She smiles and looks at him"you're still not going to tell me what you got me are you?"she asks.

He shakes his head"have patience,"he says.

She smiles at him and nods her head.


You see them all later at the breakfast table having breakfast Michael is feeding Tristin.

Megan looks at Michael and he nods his head and she goes into her bedroom and comes back out with a present.

"Mummy,"she says.

Sydney looks over at Megan and smiles and goes over to her and kneals down"this is for you,"she says.

Sydney smiles she picks Megan up and puts her on the counter and opens the package.She smiles it's a collage of pictures of all of them.She smiles and then she sees a rectangular box.

She picks it up and looks inside she sees a beautiful heart shaped pendant on a gold chain.She smiles"oh I love it I love all of it,"she says.

She leans over and kisses Megan on the cheek and then leans down and kisses Jen and Matt and then Tristin.

"Thankyou,"she says.


You see them later that night Michael is standing by the barbecue braaing meat.

There are a lot of people around people from work,friends and family.Like Jack,Irina,Juliet,Tom,Abby and Karen.

Sydney comes out and smiles"hi,"she says.

He smiles at her"hi,"he says.

She looks at all the people"quite alot,"she says.

He nods and he puts some of the meat on the plate and she smiles and takes it over to one of the tables filled with food.

Michael comes up behind her and wraps his arms around her"don't you dare do anything,"he says.

She turns around and puts her arms around his neck"I need to do something,"she says.

He shakes his head"no you don't,"he says."It's your birthday."

She nods her head and he pours her a glass of wine and points towards his sister,her mother and the two little girls.

"Go over there,"he says.

She pouts at him but he just smiles and kisses her"if I'm good do I get to know what my present is?"she asks.

"No,"he says.

She walks away dejectedly.And he smiles after her retreating form.God he loves that woman.


You see them all sitting at the tables a little while later Michael stands up and he smiles."Can I have your attention please,"he says.

Everyone looks at him"years ago I found this beautiful woman who was my equal in every way okay maybe I didn't know right from then that I would be standing here.But there was something different about her,"he says.

Sydney glares at him"thanks honey,"she says.

He smiles at her"but here I am married to the most beautiful woman I know Sydney Anne Bristow and for her birthday I decided that she and I would go on a second honeymoon,"he says.

Sydney stares at him with an open mouth then dives at him and smiles lovingly"thankyou,"she says."I love you."

"I love you too,"he says.They kiss.


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Mar 16, 2003
Desert Island???? Interesting, very interesting :P

Palms, cocos, sand, sea, crabs .... , Syd, Vaughn .....THE PARADISE

I need long Vacations, in June beginning the exams :confused:



Jan 8, 2003
South Africa
Authors' Notes:I hope everyone likes the name Tristin it's actually my baby cousins name.Oh and also Bridget and Weiss's child is a little girl her name is Greta Charmaine Weiss she was born about two months after Tristin was.
Disclaimer:You know where.

Not Everything Is As It Seems

Chapter 2

You see Sydney sitting by the kitchen counter Michael comes out holding Tristin."Morning,"he says.

Sydney smiles at him"morning,"she says.

He leans down and kisses her and then Jen comes running out and hides behind her father's leg.

"Hey baby what's wrong?"Sydney asks.

Jen looks up at her mother and shakes her head and then Matt and Megan come out of Jen's room."Meg Matt did you scare her?"Michael asks.

They nod and he shakes his head he gives Tristin to Sydney and picks Jen up."Are you okay?"he asks.

She nods her head and smiles but still lays her head against his shoulder.
Sydney smiles at the sight"come on you two sit down,"Sydney says.

They did they look at her Michael watches and smiles Meg is look a minature Sydney and Matt is like a minature him.Tristin and Jen have looks all their own.

"What?"Sydney asks catching him staring.

He shakes his head"nothing,"he says.

She turns back to Megan and Matt"what are you two going to do over at grandma and grandpas?"she asks.

Megan looks at her strangely"where are you going?"she asks.

Michael sits down beside his wife"we've already explained this we are going on holiday just the two of us we'll be gone two weeks,"he says.

"Why?"Jen asks.

Sydney looks over at her and smiles and then looks at Michael"'cause mummy needs some rest,"he says.

Jen looks up at him"from us?"she asks.

Sydney looks at her"never from you I need a vacation and thats what your daddy's birthday present to me was two tickets to Hawaii,"she says.

Matt still looks confused"so why can't we come with you?"he asks.

Sydney looks helpless"'cause sometimes mummys and daddy's need time to themselves,"she says.

Megan nods and then so do the other two she smiles at them and they smile back.

"So when do you leave?"Megan asks.

"In a week,"Sydney says.

They all nod their heads.


You see Sydney sitting in her office when Eric comes in he looks at her and smiles."What?"Sydney asks.

"We have a new asset and Jack wants us to handle it,"he says.

Sydney pouts"why us?"she asks.

Eric shrugs and they walk out of her office"heard the kids frightened Jen this morning,"he says.

"Yip I don't know how mom and dad are going to put up with them,"she says.

He nods and shakes his head"ya,"he says.

"How are Bridget and Greta doing?"Sydney asks.

"They are fine,"he says.He smiles"she misses you."

Sydney nods"I miss her too,"she says.

They walk into a room where a girl is sitting.


Two hours later Sydney is sitting in her office somebody knocks on her door"come in,"she says.

Jack does"well,"he says.

Sydney looks at him"she's impossible,"she says.

Michael comes in behind Jack and then so does Eric."Sounds like someone else I know,"Eric says.

Sydney glares at him but a smile comes over her face."You've got a point," she says.

He nods and they all sit down."So what will we do?"Eric asks.

Jack looks at"I want you two to monitor her,"he says.

They nod their heads"good,"Jack says."Are you sure Sydney?"

"Yes dad,"Sydney says.

He nods and then him and Eric leave.

Michael is still sitting across from her she looks up from her paperwork."You so need this break,"he says.

She smiles"I know,"she says.

He comes round her desk and kisses her on the lips and then leaves.

She watches him go and smiles.


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Mar 16, 2003
Great Chapter.

Hawaii, The Paradise. In Summer i want to go the Spanish Paradise, Canary Islands. I need vacations urgently.

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