Not Everything Is As It Seems


Jan 8, 2003
South Africa
thanks guys for all ur reviews hopefully the next one should be out for tomorrow depending on what I'm doing thanks for reading u'll know when I update


Jan 8, 2003
South Africa
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Not Everything Is As It Seems
by:Lili :angelfly:

Chapter 11

You see Sydney and Michael now sitting in a cell.Sydney is sitting on the bed in the room and Vaughn is sitting against a wall.He looks at her."I thought he was gone,"Sydney says.

Michael shrugs"he and Sloane got away when we were able to save Megan,"he says.He stands up and goes over and sits down beside her.He puts his arm around her."We'll get out of here somehow."

She nods her head and smiles at him"I know,"she says.She leans her head down on his shoulder."I love you."

He kisses her on the head"I love you too,"he says.

She looks down and you see there are tears in her eyes"I wish that Kevin hadn't been killed,"she says.

He nods"I know but that isn't our fault,"he says.

She nods"I know but I still feel terrible he would be here if he hadn't met us,"she says.

He lays back on the bed and brings her with him and she lays her head on his chest she then leans up and kisses him on the cheek.

Sydney leans her chin on his chest and looks up at him"how do you think Meg,Jen,
Matt and Tristin are?"she asks.

He smiles"I think they are fine,"he says."You know how I know because they are with their grandparents and our friends who love them just as much as we love them."

She nods"I know its just I'm worried,"she says.He nods and kisses her hair."But I know they are fine."

You see the cell suddenly open and Sloane comes in and looks at the two of them and a sneer comes across his face."Sloane,"Michael says.

"Hello Sydney hello Michael,"he says.He calls in a guard and he grabs Sydney and pulls her away from Michael."I just need to take your wife for a while."

Michael sits up"leave her alone,"he says."Take me if you must."

Sloane shakes his head and laughs"your not who I need,"he says.Sydney struggles against the guards but they won't let her go."She has something inside of her that I need."

Michael tries to attack him but a guard pulls out a gun and shoots him"nooooo!!!"
Sydney screams.Michael collapses to the ground.

Sloane turns away"get her out of here,"he says.

Sydney keeps trying to knock out the guards but they have to tight a hold on her."Let go of me you bastards,"she says.

But they lead her away and Sloane follows.


You see Megan sitting at home on the website that Jack had just created he was sitting beside her but no one had replied.

She looks up at her grandfather"what if we never find them?"she asks.

Jack shakes his head"we will,"he says.

Megan smiles at him"thankyou grandpa,"she says.

He nods his head and then suddenly the phone rings and he goes over and picks it up."Bristow,"he says.

"Jack hi it's Will we might have found them,"he says.

Jack smiles"where?"he asks.

Will looks down at the information he has in front of him"on the east coast half way,"he says."We're sending a CIA team in now."

Jack nods"all right I want to be on that time,"he says.

Will sighs"all right the plane leaves in an hour,"he says.


You see Sydney sitting with her back to Sloane hes watching a monitor and you see a doctor operating on Michael.Once he finishes he walks over to the microphone."Mr.Vaughn will be fine,"he says.

Sydney looks up but doesn't turn to see the monitors"I've saved your husband,"
Sloane says."Now can you help me?"

Sydney finally turns around and looks at him"do you seriously think that I will thank you for saving him never.If you hadn't got William to kidnap us he would be fine,"she says.

Sloane comes over to her"well my dear if he hadn't ever met you he wouldn't be here,"he says.

She glares at him"and if I'd never met you I wouldn't have a problem,"she says.
She spits in his face."I'd rather kill myself than help you."

Sloane looks at her"that can be arranged,"he says."But who was more like your father than the father you had?"

Sydney slaps him"at least Jack Bristow would never be as heartless as you are,"she says.

He looks at her in surprise"are you so sure about that?"he asks.

She glares at him"you could never be a father you wouldn't have made a very good one your children would have ended up resenting you,"she says.

He laughs"hmm children now there's an interesting point I believe you have four now,"he says."What are their names Megan,Jennifer,Matthew and Tristin what lovely children they are."

Sydney tries to stand up but the guards come at her and push her down"leave my children alone,"she says.

Sloane shakes his head"that isn't how it works you help me I won't touch them,"he says.

"You dare touch my children and I swear I'll kill you I should have done it all those years ago when I had the chance,"she says.

He just turns away"take her back to her cell,"he says.


You see Michael lying in recovery the doctor is there watching over him and he looks at the guy."It's all right Agent Vaughn,"he says."Your safe."

He nods his head"who are you?"he asks.

The doctor smiles"CIA,"he says."Speaking of whom are on the way.Where is Agent Bristow?"

Michael sits up"Agent Vaughn you mean she's with Sloane,"he says.

The doctor nods"my name is Henry Jacobs we must find your wife,"he says.

Michael nods.They leave the room after which Henry hands Michael a gun and they stealthily start moving through the complex.


So what will happen next?Wait and find out.There's more to come and there's even gonna be a sequel.

Please enjoy and review.
Mar 11, 2003
This was a really good chapter! (y)
Can't wait for more :D and I'm really pleased that there is going to be a sequel :woot:
Update soon! :)
Thanks for the PM ;)
Jun 21, 2003
Excellent chapter. I can't wait to see what happens next. Please post more soon. I'm glad there's going to be a sequel too. You are such a talented writer. Once again excellent chapter.

Thanks for the pm.
Jan 26, 2003
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Ms.MichaelVaughn said:
This was a really good chapter! (y)
Can't wait for more :D and I'm really pleased that there is going to be a sequel :woot:
Update soon! :)
Thanks for the PM ;)
Umm ditto! This is so good Lil. I am so gald that you are doing a sequel. You are so good a writing. Thanks for the pm, and the update. The chapter was fantastic. So sweet!

Love ya,

Lauren :angelic:


Jan 8, 2003
South Africa
Disclaimer:You know where.

Not Everything Is As It Seems
by:Lili :angelfly:

Chapter 12

You see Michael sitting in what could be called a hospital wing hes waiting for Henry to come back with some weapons.He looks around but there isn't much to see some medical equipment and thats about it.He's worried about getting Sydney out and wondering how the CIA got an agent in here.

He shakes his head and Henry comes in carrying two guns Michael nods at him
"I've heard alot about you Agent Vaughn,"Henry says."Very impressive what you did with SD-6."

Michael nods and smiles"I have a question,"he says.

Henry nods his head"all right,"he says.

Michael stands up"how did the CIA get an agent in here?"he asks.

Henry looks at him strangely"what are you implying Agent Vaughn?"he asks.

Michael shakes his head"I'm not implying anything and believe you me I don't care I just want to find my wife and get out of here,"he says.

Henry nods and they move out of the room"so you have quite a screwed up family,"he says.

Michael glares at him"yes,"he says."That's why I only believe my family is Sydney,our kids and my sister and my nieces and of course her parents and our friends."

Henry nods his head"sounds like a better life and family than I have,"he says.

Michael looks at him strangely"you'll find happiness oneday,"he says.

Henry nods and they keep on walking"is it true that one of the men that is working with Sloane is your half-brother?"he asks.

Michael glares at him"yes he is the son of my father and Sydney's mother the woman that killed my father,"he says.

Henry nods and they keep on walking they come to the cells and you see Sydney sitting on the floor she has her head in her hands.When she hears the footsteps she looks up."Michael,"she says.

"Sydney,"he says.She stands up and comes to the bars"are you okay?"

She nods"I should be asking if your okay,"she says.

Michael nods and strokes her face"yes I'm fine,"he says.Henry comes up with the key and unlocks the cell.

She gets out and hugs Michael and he kisses her passionately then pulls back and looks at her face.Sydney looks at Henry."Hi who are you?"she asks.

Henry looks at her"I'm Henry I'm from the CIA,"he says.He shakes her head"come on lets get out of here."

They start walking down the hallway making sure that no one is following them and then as they are walking they hear footsteps behind them they turn and there are some guards pointing guns at them.

"Come with us,"Guard 1 says.

Another one of the guards comes over and taps Henry on the back"well done man leading us right to them,"he says.

Sydney looks at Michael and then at Henry in disbelief and Michael shakes his head the guards lead them away.And Henry is left there stunned he shakes his head and follows the guards.

They go up into the control room and there is Sloane and William waiting for all of them.He shakes his head at the two of them"did you really think you two could get out of here?"Sloane asks.

Sydney glares at him"there are better places than here,"she says.She looks around and her eyes land on her half-brother."And you why team up with Sloane of all people.He can give you nothing more than Maria could."

William glares at her"he can be a father to me,"he says.He looks over at Sloane and the other man gives a smile."It gives me much more than being good."

Sydney takes a step forward but the guards pull her back"William Vaughn was your father and from what I understand a great man.No one can replace that especially a maniac like Arvin Sloane,"Sydney says.

William just shakes his head"he's no maniac,"he says.He slaps her"people like your government are maniacs.He lost his wife because of imcompetent agents."

Sydney laughs"he lost his wife because of his own stupidity never told you that full story did he.Emily Sloane knew to much so the Alliance ordered Sloane to kill her so he could get a chair on the council,"she says.She looks down"a lot of innocent people have died because of him including my fiancè Danny Hecht."

William shakes his head"no he did those things for a purpose,"he says.He looks at her"he promised to bring mom back."

Sydney looks from William to Sloane and back"what does he mean?"she asks.

Sloane turns to her and smiles"you aren't the girl of the prophecy that daughter of yours is and when she's older we'll get to her.But for now we are about to blow the Joint Task Facility and we wanted you to see that."

Sydney looks at him in shock"you wouldn't,"she says.

He nods"you know I would Sydney and I do believe that your mother and three of your children are there,"he says.

She looks at Vaughn and he looks back.


You see Jack and Eric on a plane with a couple of other agents they are looking at blue prints for a building."From our sources they say that the control room where Sloane is situated is in the middle of the building,"Jack says.

They all nod"so how do we get in?"a man asks.

An agent comes over who has a mask and the person pulls it off you see its Bridget.Eric looks at her in surprise"Bridget what are you doing here?"he asks.

She kneels down beside them"I came to help,"she says."What else would I be doing here?"

Eric stands up and pulls her up with him Jack goes back to talking to the others.He pulls her over to the side."I thought we'd agreed that you'd stay in LA with Greta and Jacob,"he says.

Bridget shakes her head"no honey you decided without me the doctor said I was fine,"she says."And anyway I'm staying on the plane."

He nods"you'd better,"he says.

She nods her head and smiles at him"I just wanted to be here for Sydney,"she says.

He nods and they go back to listening to the plan.Just as they finish what they are talking about."Everybody will you please strap down we'll be landing,"the captain says.

Jack looks over at Bridget who is sitting on the other side of the plane next to Eric."Thankyou Bridget,"he says.

She looks at him quizzically"for what Jack?"she asks.

He gives a slight smiling"for wanting to be there for my daughter,"he says.

Bridget nods"your welcome,"she says.They feel themselves land Bridget catches Eric's hand before he leaves."Becareful and bring them back safely."

He nods his head and leans down and kisses her and then leaves with everyone else.Jack is the last one to leave and before he leaves.He looks back"we'll bring them back,"he says.

She nods"and bring yourselves back I'm sure Irina would finally love to get remarried,"she says.

He nods and leaves the plane she goes over and shuts the door after them and goes back to her seat to wait.


You see that Sydney and Michael are now tied to some chairs and have been put to the side.Michael looks at her"are you okay?"he asks.

Sydney shakes her head"no I'm not if we don't do anything all the people in the Joint Task Facility could die,"she says."Including our children."

He nods"I know but we have to stay calm,"he says.She nods her head and you see her hands she's been trying to get out of the ropes that she's in.

She looks down"I wish I could have gotten through to William,"she says.He nods"he just doesn't want to listen to reason."

Michael looks at her"I know Syd but you tried,"he says.She smiles"that's all you could do."

She nods"I know,"she says.She keeps on at her ropes and you see Henry come in and he looks over at the two of them"why did he double-cross us?"

Michael shakes his head"I don't know,"he says."He seemed genuine.But not everyone always is."

Sydney finally is able to get the ropes off her wrists Henry sees this and Sydney shows her wrists.Michael smiles Henry distracts the guards while Sydney kneels down on the floor and is able to untie Michael's hands.

He gets free and smiles down at her you see Henry look at them"Sydney Michael catch,"he says.

They see two guns being thrown at them and they are able to dive and catch them.
Sloane and William turn around and see two guns being pointed at them.While some of their guards have been shot.

Sloane looks at the two of them"always thought there was a mole,"he says."Never thought it was right under my nose again."

Sydney looks at him"funny how these things work,"she says.


You see Jack and Eric and the other agents outside the place they are finally able to get into the place."Remember the plan,"Jack says.

The other agents nod"yes sir,"they say.

Jack looks at Eric"come on lets go get them out,"he says.Eric nods and they start walking through the building.


You see Sydney,Michael,Sloane and William still having their stare-a-thone Sydney shakes her head."Why don't you just give it up Sloane?"she asks.

He just laughs"I don't think so Sydney,"he says.

Then suddenly the door bursts open and in comes Jack and Eric they look at the four of them."Dad Eric,"Sydney says.

"Sydney,"Jack says.The distraction gives Sloane enough time to move away from the control board and try and get to the door but Sydney notices.

She points her gun"freeze or I'll shoot,"she says.He doesn't stop he's about to reach the door when her gun goes off and it hits him in the back.

Eric goes over and looks at him and then kneels down and rolls him over he feels his neck but there's no pulse.Eric stands up"he's dead,"he says.

Sydney nods and then she looks around there's no sign of William"where's William?she asks.

Jack and Eric both look at her"William was here,"Jack says.

Sydney nods her head"yes,"she says."Can we just go home now?"

Eric nods"yes let's go home,"he says.They get to the plane and there's Bridget waiting for them on the plane.

She smiles when she sees them"will you two ever go on a peaceful vacation?"she asks.

Sydney smiles and goes up to her and they hug"no I don't think so,"she says.She looks at her friend"you had the baby."

Bridget nods"yes it was a baby boy,"she says.

Sydney smiles and hugs Bridget and then goes over and hugs Eric"congratulations you two did you survive?"she asks Eric.

He glares at her"very funny Syd very funny,"he says.

Bridget comes over and puts her arm around his waist"yes he was fine,"she says.
"I just kept wishing you were there though."

Michael comes over and puts his arm around Sydney"see Syd your still needed,"he says.

Sydney glares at him but smiles"thankyou,"she says."So what did you name him?"

Bridget looks at Eric and smiles"Jacob Michael,"she says.

Sydney smiles"aaw what a beautiful name,"she says.She goes over and hugs Bridget again.


The next day you see Irina and the kids waiting for the plane to land.Will and Francie are there too.The plane lands and Sydney and Michael appear at the door.Irina smiles and waves.

They come down and once they are Megan,Jen and Matt come charging at them and Sydney picks Matt up and hugs him tightly while Michael picks up Megan and Jen.

"Have you guys been good for grandma and grandpa?"Sydney asks.

All three nod and then you see a sleeping Tristin in his pram"aunt Bridget had a baby boy,"Megan says.

Sydney smiles at her"I know,"she says.She kisses her children on their cheeks and they all beam at her.

"We are together again,"Michael says.

Sydney smiles and they walk off and Sydney hugs her mom.


That night you see Sydney,Michael and the kids sitting watching some tv and they smile.The kids have fallen asleep.

"We're home,"Sydney says.Michael nods.


Okay well guys thats the end of Not Everything Is As It Seems the sequel will be up sometime this week.

The next one will be set 20 years after this one I'm having a wedding.
Jan 26, 2003
Florida (Now PA for college)
You did an outstanding job Lili. I loved the end when Syd said "Welcome home!" That was so cute. You are such an amazing writer, and you have no idea at how thrilled I am that you are doing a sequel to this story. It really deserves one. And by the way, it being called As it seems, was a very clever idea.
Your talent at writing still amazes me, and thank you for all the pms, and the updates. I have enjoyed reading this story, and now I can't wait for the sequel. Thank God it will be up this week. Great job! (y) :)

Love ya,

Lauren :angelic:
Mar 11, 2003
I really loved this story :D and I can't believe it's the end :confused:
But luckily for us you'll be doing a sequel!! :woot:
Can't wait to read that one :D
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