nothin really jus chat

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iwent from this :) 2 this:robot1:then luke skywalker:saber: tryed 2 kill me but failed then my arch enemy Mr.frelancer :robot2:came and hurt me than made me worship him as a robo god :worthy: but in my head i think he is robo hobo
the old man story 3 i think

1 time there was an old guy mean 1 to add 2 that:mad: and hated every1 so he kept an eye on his yard :puzzled: and on a really nice day he killed my best friend kenny thats whin i found out he was a cyborg :borg: that day i snuck into his garage any i found a big robot :robot2: so he found out i did so he hunted me using the robot so i picked up my x wing from the shop :xwing: so i killed him

the end


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Have you played around with the "scroll" command in combination of the smilies yet? It's how I turned the new rover :rover: smiley into my signature.

Try something like this....