Nothing hurts like love

:sniffs: what an awesome ending, Ali!!! :sniffs again: I think I smell a sequel ;) *hint hint* Thanx for the Last pm.....Great ending!!
Mariah :D

P.S. Can you find MV and send him to my house?? with the roses and candles?? But withOUT th tux.. :naughty: Lol!
Why does it seem that all the stories that I am reading are ending...This was great...I wish it didn't have to end...If you decide to do a sequeal can I get a pm... Thanks for posting this story...
I cant believe this is over!!!
What an awesome way to end tho, Vaughn in a tux *faints from pure contentment*
And he proposed and she remembers and they r together forever and It was soooo good but im sad to see it end!!


that was the best ending
i loved it
and there going to get married
i loved this fic sooo much
it was sooo well written
and im going to miss it sooo much
could you please pm me if you write anything else
thanks :D
Thanx everyone for your support! :hug:

Sare, Nancy O, Eva and Maddy. I'm mid way through writing my next fic. It's AU and called Distractions. I'll pm you all when I finish and post it.
WOW amazing fic!!! shame i only just found it!!! (n) but its soooooo goood :D can i get a pm on any other fics you write?
you should sooooo do a sequel to this!!!! :P haha :lol:
hannah -_-
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that was such a perfect way to end this fic :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
totally loved it :smiley:
p.s. if you write anything else new pm me :Please: i really like your writing (y) keep it up