Nothing is Ever What it Seems.


These Words, From My Heart...
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Chapter 4

Sam walked out to the patio overlooking her land and sat down in her favorite chair. She thought about all the events that had occurred over the past few days. She had her brother back, the only "mother" she's ever known back in her life and she was finally able to meet the Sidney that her brother kept mentioning in his letters.

Her mind lingered on Sidney. She seemed to be a nice person but seeing what she had just gone though, it was hard to find out who or what she was really like. She seemed to have a difficult relationship with her mother and was a little put off by the closeness her and Irina had.

"Your too young to have the look on your face." Sam's head turned and saw Irina looking down on her. "I'm to old not to have it on face either.", she said with a smile. "Well...then I guess your in a bit of a spot." Irina sat down in the chair across from Sam. "Your thinking of Sidney." Sam nodded, "I can't quite get a feel on her. I've knocked it off to the ordeal she has just gone through." Jack flashed through Irina's mind again and her heart broke again. "Sidney and her father were very close. His death was a very shattering blow to her world." She looked out over the mountainous region, "Give her time will be able to see her."

Sam was going to respond when her cell rang. " O'Thomas....What? Say again?" Her face turned ashen white as she heard the words again. "Make the plans." She closed the phone and looked back over to Irina. "We've been made. They'll be at the house in 30 mins. We have to"


Sidney stepped back out of the shower, her second one this morning, and began to dry off. Sark followed behind her and grabbed the second towel on the rack. Somewhere between the second and third time they made love, they had managed to make their way to the shower. Sidney applied more of the lotion to her and began rubbing back in. Sark leaned against the wall and watched Sidney apply her lotion. "I always said you would be the death of me, Ms. Bristow." Sidney turned around and couldn't help the grin that came across her face, "Lucky for you I don't have a weapon on me." "Oh you have a weapon..just not one that requires bullets." There was a knock at her bedroom door and she heard her mother's voice. "Sidney." She walked out of the bedroom and saw her mother. "What is it? What's wrong?" "Sam received a call on her phone. The CIA was able to pull the helicopter ID and traced it back to her. We need to" Sidney nodded and headed towards the bed and began throwing her clothes into her luggage. "That's mean you too Julian." Sark slowly emerged from he bathroom and faced Irina. Never before had he felt more intimidated by her than just now.

"We will discuss this later. For now, go get dressed and help Sam. We're going to the chateau in the Alps. We should be safe there. We need to leave in 15 mins, so move quickly." She turned around left the two of them just standing there staring at each other. "Go help your sister. I will be ready shortly." He nodded and walked out of her room. He ran down the stairs and down to the floor below. He walked into his room and saw that Sam had already packed his belongings and laid his traveling clothes on the bed. "So, I guess you and I are going to talk while you get dressed." He looked at the bathroom doorway and saw Sam standing there in her full gear. "I guess so."


-Venice, Italy

His head throbbed uncontrollably, it was the constant throbbing that woke him up. He tried to lift his hand only to find that they were strapped down and tied to his bed. He lifted his head up and saw that his legs were also strapped to the bed. His clothed had been removed and his was now wearing a hospital gown. "Ah...Senior Bristow, How good of you to finally join us."


These Words, From My Heart...
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Chapter 6

"So would you mind telling me exactlly what you were doing with Sidney? Sam had turned around so that Julian could pull on his underware and pants. "Nothing that is any of your concern, little sister." He said with his tone. "It is my concern when the CIA is suddenly able to track where I am living and put me and my family in danger. Do you really think that if she wasn't here the CIA would be bothering us?" Sark pulled his white tank over his head and grabbed his sweater off the bed and walked over to the mirror. "The CIA tracked you down because of me. I am the reason that you are in danger again." He said the last part very under his breath as he pulled the green cable sweater over his head. "Damn." Sam said as she walked over to Sark. She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him. "Julian...I didn't mean...." "I know. But it's the truth." He hugged his sister. Something he hasn't been able to do in a long time. "Listen. You are and always be my first priority. Nothing will change that...nothing. Right now though I think that you and I need to work on getting out of here and then we can finish this." She nodded and walked towards the door. "I'll meet you in the garage." He walked back over to the bed and zipped up his bag that Sam had packed. He needed to handle that with care. He walked out of his room and headed towards the garage.

"Ah, Mr. Bristow. How lovely that you have decuded to awaken now. How was your rest?"Jack tried to lift his arms again. "I wouldn't bother doing that. The restraints we are using are very strong and I don't think that you will be able be break loose." You won't be going anywhere for quite sometime. We warned you...didn't we. Yes we did. If you in any way interfered with the project there was going to be serious problems for you. Too bad you didn't listen."

The three gentleman walked through the heavy silver door and out into the hallway. They nodded to the armed guard and he took his place back in front of the door. The taller of the three pulled out his phone and punched some numbers before bringing it up to his ear. "He's awake. Yes, I understand that sir. I know...the agency is the first priority. I understand that Director."


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i am loving this story. i absolutely loved the part when sydney first shows up and her and irina are crying because of jack. i wish there could be more mother/daughter moments like that.

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