o2 (UK) to test 16 channels of TV on mobile phones

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BBC NEWS | UK | England | Oxfordshire | Hi-tech phones sent TV channels

starting in london with 9 transmitters, 16 channels are being offered for the testing. considering many people don't want to go to the new technology of videophones from their current generation due to battery life and phone size, this could be the sign of a leap in sales of video phones. come 2010 the bbc's monopoly hold over analogue and digital tv is to be looked at, with analogue terrestrial tv turned off somewhere between 2006 and 2010 (gets put back as they realise not as many people have managed the switch from analogue to digital tv's so far!

personally i have a Motorola A835, 64megs of memory and i can put movies on it to watch while out (even though bitrate of video is pretty low ad it takes aaaages to upload a film to the phone) but live tv? a very useful feature for commuters to sit in buses, trains and taxis making sure they catch up on their soaps (oh dear!) or more serious news programming.


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My hubby has it. Or well is trying the free-view that Cingular is offering her int eh states. His phone, which is video ready, kind of automaticaly showed up with it one day. The quality is rather poor and recepton is spoty as best. But cool none the less.


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i was assuming it would be digital signal, but guess they haven't the bandwidth? with freeview digital tv in this country, in normal household tv's, you either have perfect tv or don't have tv. i was not thinking that picture would be bad like old handheld mini tv's (i still have a casio model knocking around, but as usual the headphones socket has become damaged