Collectibles Oaky I'll go first...


Have you taken your meds?
My major collection is science fiction short story anthologies. :D

I also collect Heinlein books and have about 44 out of about 50 books published.
It's a really hard process collecting Heinlein books because they are out of print (mostly) and I have to scour second-hand shops or flea markets to find them.
Fortunately, my husband loves the chase so we have a good time looking for them.
I live in rural Australia, so as you can imagine it gets very exciting when we find a book I have never read!
Even our local public library doesn't carry them anymore. Their copies got too old and wrecked to keep and I missed the sale of those books. :blush:

All up, I have three and a half large bookcases filled with books. Quite the fire hazard!

What about you guys?
A.E.Van Vogt.

I don't read them anymore, although The Voyageof the Space Beagle did get read a fair few times. I don't think there is anything left to find in his works, I am sure I've got them all. I have a few duplicate copies of books because of different cover art and me having such a poor memory that the title didn't ring a bell. I sometimee wonder if a complete collection is collecting every different cover too. But that would seem to strange maybe.

Besides, not got the book shelves for it. Currently all my shelving is taken up by textbooks and English LIterature collections for university.
A lot of my Heinlein books are repeats too.
I also got a few copies with different covers and doubled up on some because I couldn't remember if I already had it, or I'd read it from the public library.

That's a very good point , though, that you brought up about different cover art.
Is a collection complete if you have all the copies or is it only complete when you have all the copies plus multiple prints that have different artworks.

Oh, and copies like "Stranger in a strange land" which was originally cut down to meet publishers requirements, then re-published as the full manuscript after Heinlein died?

What comprises a 'complete' collection? :confused:
i'm the same, my main collection is asimov, i think i have about 5 different prints of the foundation series, i also collect any arthur c clarke i can get my hands on. my entire collection amounts to roughly 2000, a good 1600 is sci-fi,i have read most of them but i always have a pile of unread books reaching to the ceiling. i have an extensive irish history and mythology collection which again i love.
just out of curiosity sideshowspacegirl what heinlein are you missing and i'll have a look around here in the uk to see if i can find any, let me know