Official Star Wars USB Hubs May be Best USB Products Ever [USB]


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Official Star Wars USB Hubs May be Best USB Products Ever [USB]

Forget Dr Who's TARDIS, sci-fi USB hub fans (come on... you know who you are) are going to go bonkers over these official R2D2 and Vader USB hubs. R2's head moves, he lights up and emits genuine Star Wars sound effects every three minutes, while Vader just seems to have the sound effects and glowing eyes. *Shiver*... menacing. Of course they also have four full-speed USB sockets on the front, and come with three feet of USB cable. Available in July for around $66... but that's in Japan, USB hub fans. [JapanStarWars via Technabob]

(Via Gizmodo)
Hmm, in the meantime get yourself a small USB hub (heres a pic of one I bought from the £1 shop :smiley: , buy a plastic housing from your supermarket that contains sweeties/mallow (roughly £2), glue in the USB hub and some weights to stop it constantly falling over and away you go!

It won't have lights, turn and make noises, but they are only a distraction anyway (and no, Kevin. I won't butcher the cylon snowman to get the parts to do it :smiley: )

I already have a few toys that contained sweets, normally bought about xmas time from supermarkets. Like my Tardis money box. I could see about converting a few of them with usb ports from the poundshop to give to friends, hehe.