Action Old G. I Joe cartoons vs the G. I Joe the movie(1986)

Bad dragon

Jul 2, 2018
I like the cartoons by Sunbow, but the science fiction / alien cartoon really threw me. They should have never made it in my opinion. They should have keep the cartoon going on or just end it if the cartoon company was going broke.
Some questions it left me.
1. Why did Golobulus select a scientist instead of a military person to start and lead Cobra?
2. Why did he let the commander use non organic tech, which he and others of Cobra La hated and knew nothing about, but the Cobra commander did.
3. Why did Cobra Commander get fed up with all of Serpentor's blaming and scapegoating that he decided to leave and make another terrorist organizations determined to rule the world like they did in the comics with Coil.
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